Help + Questions

Inevitably, we all need a little help. Here are answers to questions you may have about this site and forum. If you cannot find the answer on this page, feel free to ask about it on the forum, or email us via the contact page.

Can I make a donation?

No. We do not take donations, nor will we ever ask for them (see 2 Kings 5). We are not a non-profit organization, and do not offer tax write-offs. We are Zero Money group, you could say. We are providing our knowledge and advice in hopes that it helps the churches and ministries around the world. If for some reason you feel inspired by something we do here, please consider giving a full 10% tithe to your local church or donating to a charity.

How do I get my site featured?

Your site must be at least XHTML 1.0 Transitional, preferably XHTML 1.0 Strict or HTML5. It should be mostly validating with less than 10 errors, using CSS for layout, free of frames and unnecessary tables, judiciously using JavaScript/Flash, and be visually appealing. We realize these guidelines are somewhat subjective, but we’re trying to raise the bar and advocate higher standards.

How can I vote for my favorite site?

Unlike many gallery sites, our primary purpose is not to have a contest, but simply to promote Christian web design and development. You can feel free to discuss your opinion of the site in question in the comments of the respective article. You can also suggest a site to be featured via the forum.

What is your privacy policy?

It is sad that we need to on guard about the personal information we share. We understand your concern, and assure you that we hate email spam as much as you do. When you use your email address to comment on this site or register for the forum, it will never be displayed publicly. It is only required in case we would need to contact you. It will never be added to any advertisement lists.

Where did my forum post-count go?

We have user post counts hidden because we have found in past experiences on forums that many users post simply to get their numbers higher, in order to boost their user rank on the forums. We want to encourage thoughtful dialog, so that when you do post, the ensuing conversation will be its own reward.

How do I change my forum title?

Since we are not utilizing user ranks on the forum, we wanted to show that we’re not totally up-tight. Because titles never vary on their own, you are free to go ahead and customize your nickname as often as you like, provided that it’s not offensive. When you are logged into the forum, go to Profile › Personal, and change your Title. If left blank, it will simply say Member.

What happened to avatars and images?

In efforts to keep the forum / discussion boards family (and modem) friendly, we have opted to leave avatars and images disabled for now. If you need to provide to a screenshot of a website you are working on, just upload your image to a server and post a link to it.