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The worship team at my church is on the hunt for a better method of organizing leaders, musicians and locations for worship sets. Currently, we're using the calendar system at, but it's subpar at best.

I'd love to have a solution involving PHP/MySQL since we are setup for that (and because it just rocks), but I'm open to other technologies if there is already a boxed-up solution.

We're also prepared to fork out some dollars for a custom job if someone has the time and expertise. We have a basic layout of our needs, specifically for layered musician roles and multiple campuses. If you'd like a rundown of that setup, just reply or email me.

So, if anyone has an idea of a good solution that is available or a developer looking for a bit of side cash, let me know. For the record, we want to keep things as pure as possible and not hack a solution out of an existing app that is geared to something else. The simpler the better. smile


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can you list out the needs of what you want it to do?

I dream with an XML intereface

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Sure, tank.

At this point, I've organized this into three basic items that we are dealing with: locations, roles and people. Two additional variables are time and event.

   Organize schedules by location.

   Create roles (instrument, vocal range) for each location.

   Create a list of people (musicians) by name.

   Correlate a person with the role (or mutliple roles if available) and apply to location.

   Allow the person to note unavailability for any week (removing them from available people list under role).

   Create a simple list of backup people for a specific role in the event of an unavailability notification.

   Create a schedule based on administrator selection of available people fulfilling a role at a location.

   Notify people via email that an event is taking place (rehearsal time and location and worship set time and location) at location perfoming role.

   Rehearsal times always correspond with location.

Also, we will need some sort of user management system with basic permissions (unavailabilty notification and, perhaps, a simple messaging system for contacting an admin--worship leader--or another user.) Administration permissions granted to a set of users (worship leaders, IT group) with increased capabilities (adding new locations, people and roles and vetoing user decisions, etc.)

If any of the above does not make sense, please respond accordingly. And thanks for the question!

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Is tank (or somebody else) working on this?  I may be willing to give it a shot.

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Thanks, Baricom. Matt Heerema (DirectSteps) and I are discussing the preliminaries. I'll post here when we get an update.

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I am a software engineer for Triad Technology Systems ( We are working on this exact software for team scheduling (including worship teams). It has been under development for nearly 2 years and is almost finished. I'll be taking beta testers by the early November 2006.

The primary features include:
Team creation
Primary Role assignment
Event creation (including repeating events and multi-day events)
Event/Team scheduling (including event time as well as team arrival and departure times to accommodate for practice and break down)
Special role assignment per event (someone who is mainly a drummer can be assigned percussion for this event, etc...)
Multiple locations
Master schedule view
Team schedule view
Personal schedule view (particularly handy if someone is part of many teams)
Substitute management
Email notification
Leader to Team communication
Event specific communication

The URL will be and the service will be $49.95 per year.

Just for the record, this is a web based service that is designed, developed and hosted by Triad technology Systems.

If you are interested in more information, please contact me at