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I put this together several months ago, but I didn't get much feedback from the church and I wanted to see what people thought of it.

South Pittsburgh Assembly of God

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Hi, Greg -- I thought I'd answer this, since no one else has as of yet.

I really like the color scheme of the site. The blog posts are organized well, and I like the selection of fonts. There are just a few things that I would change, the first being the logo, which doesn't really seem to represent much ... perhaps a simple graphic of some sort might add some visual interest. The only other thing I would suggest is to move placeholder pages, like About Us, into a menu structure to remove a few clicks and some waiting time. If you don't want to use JavaScript, I'd recommend the menu scripts as CSSPlay -- they're all free and valid XHTML/CSS unless otherwise specified, in case you've never heard of it before (of course, you being a guru and all, I'm sure you have. wink).


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greg, are you wanting it to look very plain.  Personally I love plain stuff and see it's place in the world and if that is what you are wanting, well you hit it.  But if not then I would purpose you take a step further into your guru skills and taste-ify it up with a little eye candy.

Colors...colors, although very easy on the eyes using neutral colors, that is what you get, a neutral site not really worth remembering and easily forgetable.  Whether that is fair or not I don't know but that is what happens with those colors.  Maybe on your spare fun time try some different colors.

Now the nav is rather consternating given that the background goes out on the bottom of the link, this looks like a mistake and might be cleaner/put together looking if you took that off.  If you'd like to change that just for me you just go into your #main_menu a and change this padding property padding-bottom:9px;

And yes the header logo has gots to go.  You don't have to go 2.0 on the logo but at least try.  One good thing is you didn't use papyrus.  Ohhh I hate that font.  I want to break it.

Some of your articles are text-aligned to the center, did you mean to do this, it does take away from the the whole picture, maybe make them all look like they are formatted the same for readability and peace of mind. And maybe cut down on how many clicks it takes me to get to any content rather then having to hit topics, then hit a topic, then hit the article.  Less steps, more fun for user.

cheers man

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Hey guys,

Thanks for the responses.  Honestly, I've been kinda neglectful with the church site as I've been working the bugs out of the software I wrote to support the site (that's my expertise, but I'm getting better with CSS).  The logo is something I just whipped together in MS Paint because we did have a logo created, but the church hasn't officially adopted it yet.  So I've avoided it on the site so far.

I've looked at a number of different menu structures for various parts of the site, but I either can't find the look I'd like, or I find it and it won't display right on both FireFox and IE.  I'll take another look at it though.

Yes, the colors are subdued on purpose.  I've tried to match the look of our sanctuary with the site, which in the past led to some sites I was none too proud of (though, they're not all mine), but I'm big on simple and clean design, which you can probably see from my other site. 

I'll try to fix the nav bar, but it was never something that bugged me.

And yes, some of the articles are text aligned on purpose.  The supporting site has a built in editor for stories/articles, and that allows centering.  In some cases, we like to use it for "bulletin" type items.

Oh, and for the clicks on topics, that is alredy being dumped for site-based tags in my next version of the site software, and that should reduce the number of clicks as well as the inter-relatedness of the site.

I'll let you guys know when I get a chance to make the changes.

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Very smooth looking, great site, graphically ggod nad navigation wise. will go back and read more indepth


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Woah! Grave digging! Haha!

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Ah... I like it and don't like it. The colors, and the idea of having some of the pics "pop" from the general rectangular shape, is pretty cool. But the fact it's built with tables, and that virtually every page looks exactly the same (except the contact page, where did your background go?) and is only changed by some animated gif's thrown in... I'll have to agree with the others: go be the guru and make it more!

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