Topic: ExpressionEngine Developer Looking for Freelance Work

Hi all.  I'm currently looking for some part-time freelance work that I can do in my spare time that involves setting up, configuring, and completely developing sites using the awesomely powerful ExpressionEngine.  I've been able to get this software to do almost anything I want it to, so if you need help with your EE site please let me know and we'll talk.  Thanks!

Re: ExpressionEngine Developer Looking for Freelance Work

Hello There,

My name is Sean Alsobrooks, I own a web deisgn company in Southern California.  I would be very interested in learning about your capabilities, availibility and rates.  We are working with a lot of churches that I think would really benefit from the power of Expression Engine.

Please contact me ASAP!



alsobrooks (at) gmail (dot) com

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