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I have just recently returned to the Mac fold after almost ten years of wandering the M$ wastes. Yaay for me. Now I've got to get up to speed on developing CF apps using OS X tools. I have DreamWeenie and can use it if I must. However, I've used the very awesome HomeSite for years and prefer a dedicated code-view editor. I love it's tag insights, shortcuts, snippets, language references, etc. What a champ it is.

So what are you other Mac fans using to develop CFML? I've found Eclipse + CFEclipse and can live with it. What else is out there?

(And before you ask, I am running Parallels and BootCamp so I could still use HomeSite. But that means back to Windows, and I've done my time, thanks.)

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Re: Cfml + OS X

While I'm still working on Windows, I had been using Homesite myself as well, but then switched to Eclipse/CFEclipse.  After a few months, I have to admit that it's grown on me and I like it at least as much as Homesite.  Plus, it is still receiving improvements/upgrades, whereas Homesite hasn't been updated for some time now.

Sorry about the Mac stuff.  I'm no fan of Microsoft, but I just can't stand using Macs.  Personal preference I guess.

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I am a fan of TextMate on the Mac. I know there are a few guys working on a ColdFusion bundle, but I'm not sure how far they are. But as far as any editor that I've found on the Mac TextMate is the best.

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Second the vote for TextMate smile (although I haven't done an CF, so that's just my opinion as an OS X developer)

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