Topic: Need a Good Web Design Company

We are looking to partner with web design companies to offer churches a comprehensive web solution.   Ekklesia 360 created by Monk Development.  This System combines a Content Management System (CMS), communication module, event registration / RSVP module, member's module, guest hospitality module, administrative module, hosting module and an outreach module into one web-based application.  The system is designed from the ground up around best-of-class technologies, which allow churches to leverage the online medium for their community and communicate their vision to the world.

Our goal is to have 1,000 church clients by the end of 2008.  To achieve this goal, Ekklesia is being actively marketed to churches through a variety of channels.  Monk has or will be attending and/or presenting at conferences, we will be participating in email promotions and we are completing negotiations to be endorsed by several denominations and affiliations as the web solution for their churches.  Finally, Ekklesia is being marketed through a network of church related sites and through our own search engine optimization expertise.  Clients that come through Monk Development will be directed to our Partners. Our primary marketing will be through Design Companies who offer our CMS.   

We plan to limit our partnerships to 10 design companies based on professionalism, client load and participation.  Current partners include: Catch Design, Rockbeatspaper, Direct Steps, AM Design, Church Plant Media, MindLightning and 316 Design.

Design partners can also offer our non-church solution Monk CMS (ecommerce, prduct catalog, etc.)  If you are interested in learning more, feel free to shoot me an email through Monk Development.

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