He Godbit peeps, this is josh.  I had a crazy idea about having something online that allows anyone to author a book.  Meaning, it is a community driven site that is almost wik-fide given that anyone can effective collaborate on a book that they feel inclined about the topic.  Say like you have always wanted to write a sci-fi book, well you can get onto and find a topic or start your own with the first chapter and then see it grow as people sign on and help write the book with you.
What I am looking for:  If you think this is a cool idea read further, if not I love you anyways.
-Help, this is gonna be a big time free thing for people and I can't do it on my own.

Let me know through Godbit, I talked to Nathan and he said to throwit out to the Godbit people but for right now that is where I would like it to stay.  I am sure we don't need to go outside to find someone to help.

Josh Lee
I have a little sign up page at
it isn't hosted so you will see a couple errors seeing that it is only redirected from godaddy
the real site will be spankin XHTML strict baby.

[witty scriptorial reference here]