Topic: CSS Control Adapters Toolkit beta released

Microsoft has released Beta 1.1 of the above mentioned toolkit.

Has anyone else started playing around with this?  I think this architecture looks like a great way to eliminate the clunky, table based HTML that several of the controls emit by default.

Scott Guthrie wrote about it in his blog a couple of days ago: … 44850.aspx

I'm going to download the toolkit and have a look at it.  If I have any worthwhile thoughts I'll post them.


Re: CSS Control Adapters Toolkit beta released

I find it hillarious that one needs a toolkit to get .NET to behave according to HTML specification.

That being said, I'm extremely excited about this because it will make my life at the University (Iowa State U), where we have "standardized" to .NET (for whatever forsaken reason...).

Re: CSS Control Adapters Toolkit beta released

Starting with 2.0, no toolkit is needed to make .net behave according to HTML specification.  The controls emit compliant xhtml transitional or strict markup depending upon your site's configuration.  You can, of course, configure your site to render controls in the "legacy" 1.1 format which does not adhere to any modern specifications.

Beginning with 2.0, microsoft has made a serious effort to support web standards.  It is odd that a University would have standardized on .net 1.0 or 1.1 since adhering to web standards was very difficult.  However, a properly configured 2.0 site should validate without any hacks or modifications.  That said, some of the "valid" markup emitted by 2.0 controls still uses tables for layout.  The CSS Adapters should make it easier to modify the emitted markup to use css for layout.


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