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In this era of server-side domination by PHP and sometimes ASP, has anyone seen an exceptional ColdFusion site that you feel to be particularly well done? I'm just curious, because while I know that ColdFusion has quite an impressive set of capabilities, I don't see too many of them out there. doesn't count, by the way. wink


Quite some time ago, I interviewed for the job of webmaster at which is right across the street from where I was an assistant webmaster at I did some reading up on ColdFusion, because that's what they were using at the time, but the job ended up going to

It appears that now he's taken over, the newer sections of the site are running on PHP and being served as XHTML 1.1, hot stuff:

So, while I was going to give that as an example of a well-done ColdFusion site, it doesn't seem like it will be running CF for very much longer.

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Re: Favorite ColdFusion Sites?

Max Design uses CF.

edit: They don't seem to be using it anymore.

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Re: Favorite ColdFusion Sites?

Biola University uses ColdFusion.

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Re: Favorite ColdFusion Sites?

I heart coldfusion.  I'd point to a site I did in it, but I'm not particularly fond of the design anymore. (Result of meddling by committee...)

Re: Favorite ColdFusion Sites?

I have several sites that I maintain in CF, including:

If Jesus Had A Website...

South Pittsburgh Assembly of God