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Anybody have experience with Macromedia Breeze for creating online audio/video presentations? What's the advantage of this over Flash (MX, 8)? Curious. Our organization has some money to put into a new project and these programs are possible tools.

Re: Macromedia Breeze for Online Training

If you're looking for a good way to do Flash video, I'd encourage you to check out -

As to why people use Breeze, it's for the integrated way in which it allows you to directly teach another person or group of people, much like a multi-client video chat. If you're simply looking for a way to get your videos online though, I'd use Wink. It's licesnse free, and is what they use for the Web Empowered Church -

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Re: Macromedia Breeze for Online Training

Greatly appreciated. The training is more audio based with slides to go along with it. I took a look at wink and it seems a bit like the video capture features that are in SnagIt (which I've got). These trainings are more like lectures with slides.

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