Topic: Looking for help with Drupal 7 PayPal Donation customization

Hello Forum,

I am using Drupal 7 and the paypal donation plug-in.  I have it installed and working as it should be.

I have a request from the friend whom I am doing the web site for.

He said he wants additional fields put into the form that the user fills out when selection is made to donate.

As you might know if you are familiar with this mod, there is a spreadsheet that shows information about the doners at:


So, this modification would add a column or two to this speadsheet.

I want to ask for tips on how I can make all this happen before I jump in and investigate the PHP code.  This will be a difficult task I think if I have no direction at all and I try to decypher it using grep and text search routines along with trial and error.