Topic: Healthy 100 Church Ministry Seeking Marketing Web Coordinator

Marketing Web Coordinator

The ideal candidate will be a web guru who is passionate about utilizing the best of technology to help build relationships, build church ministries and spread the message of life-enhancing / life-changing material. Even better if you are personally passionate about healthy living from a mind, body, spirit perspective. 

Required knowledge and skills include: Excellent Technical Skills; Proficient Computer skills; strong written/verbal skills; fundamental knowledge of internet marketing and sales; ability to meet deadlines; strong time-management skills; detail-oriented, self-starter with a resourceful attitude; budget management experience; Basic video production and editing skills (proficiency with Final Cut Pro a plus); project tracking experience; internet research skills; bachelor’s degree, preferably in Computer Science, Business, or related field. 

We're out to change the world by helping people live to a Healthy 100. We believe churches are in a key position to inspire their members and their community to make such a journey. So we are developing tools, training and resources to help them do just that.  We need a fantastic web coordinator to make the dream a reality. This is a great environment for a person who is highly disciplined, loves working with Churches and people, has utmost integrity, makes things happen, and longs for more significance.

If you are that person, we are eager to meet you.

This is a very straightforward description of what the job entails.  We tried to make it sound as clear-cut as possible. No fluff, just facts. One good thing to note—because we are a relatively small team, this position provides greater opportunity for daily variety.

•    Website Development – Management of website content, design, placement and analytics for key church websites, including but not limited to: Healthy 100 Churches main site, two mission specialty sites, and internal communications site. Track and monitor information, key word search and traffic to all sites. Effectively work with Assistant Director of Healthy 100 Churches for Florida Hospital, internal and external resources, physicians and staff, sales vendors, and marketing team members to produce the highest level of service and website product and facilitate ongoing communications.

•    Strategy – Determine demand for content based on consumer trends and personal knowledge, and make recommendations regarding procurement and revision.  Confer with team to arrange details such as web copy and content, partnership opportunities, social media, and new trends in web development. Oversees search engine optimization (SEO) and internet advertising strategies.
•    Project Management – Completes projects and produces materials within established or adjusted budget and time parameters and types correspondence in an accurate, neat and timely manner as assigned. Monitors and tracks website utilization, making changes and/or working with sales vendors to create ideal optimization to grow volume for Healthy 100 Churches through the web. Provides video production and editing on an as needed basis and in a timely manner.
•    Relationships – Work as part of a team to produce outstanding resources and content for Healthy 100 Churches. Grow and maintain positive and respectful relationships with Churches on a local and national level. Manages and responds to all online Church requests. Oversees Client Relationship Management (CRM) database and connects with Florida Hospital’s CRM system. Actively participates in outstanding customer service and accepts responsibility in maintaining relationships that are equally respectful to all.
•    Marketing – Develop and produce online marketing strategies with e-blasts, online simulcasts, webinars, as well as online train the trainer session.  Maintains marketing support to provide regular and timely updates to Healthy 100 Churches websites, including calendar events, video, general information and correspondence. Special emphasis on managing social media opportunities to grow awareness and volume for Healthy 100 Churches. 
•    Promotion / Branding – Work to make Healthy 100 Church Association into a household name brand.  Assist Florida Hospital in achieving its vision of being a global pacesetter by structuring the online association to be the provider of inspiration and information so that Churches can implement the culture of mind, body, and spirit health. Contribute to the creation of print, digital, audio, video, and computer projects as brand extension items.

We think you’ll love working at Florida Hospital. Why? Let’s start with our mission: To Extend the Health and Healing Ministry of Christ. At Florida Hospital we believe we are God’s children caring for God’s children. To that end, we seek to combine the best of science and the best of faith in all we do. It gives great purpose and significance to all our endeavors.

We also think you’ll love our Healthy 100 Churches team. We are a small but passionate group of professionals dedicated to helping people live to a Healthy 100 by becoming whole in mind, body and spirit.  We work hard to create material that is powerful and life-enhancing for Church leaders and members.  There’s lots of variety in what we do and the opportunity for personal growth is amazing.

Here’s a few other things we think you’ll like.  Florida Hospital is located in Orlando the #1 tourist destination in the world.  That means easy access to things like beautiful beaches, world-class entertainment, theme parks, and ready transportation to virtually anywhere in the world. Plus, if you like sunshine, you’re in luck.  There’s a reason Florida is called “The Sunshine State.”

Think you might be right for our team? Let us know why.  We’d love to hear from you.

A FEW HOSPITAL WEBSITES OF INTEREST – Main website about the hospital – Our official publishing website – The award-winning hospital we built with Disney – Our consumer portal teaching the 8 principles of Whole Person Health – A site about our recent 100 year anniversary – A site about how we train health ministry teams for churches – How to start your journey now to living to a Healthy 100
Please email a cover letter, with attachments of your resume, salary history, and references to All inquiries will remain confidential.  In your correspondence, please tell us why you’re the ideal candidate to join our team. Also please include your mobile number along with other contact information, and the best time to reach you. Questions may be directed to:

Assistant Director, Business Development & Healthy 100 Church Ministry
Florida Hospital Mission & Ministry