Topic: Music Player that Plays Between Pages

So, I'm no web expert, so I thought I wold come here...

I made a website for someone -

It's using WordPress, and they want to have music being played in the background of the site while users browse the site.

Not my idea, but they insist that it will draw people into the site.

Anyway, is there any way to have it set up where the music keeps playing between page switches?

Re: Music Player that Plays Between Pages

I don't know of any music that can play in the background across pages. (Personal comment: I leave any site that has music start automatically when I visit.)

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Re: Music Player that Plays Between Pages

As Deborah has said - it's a REALLY bad idea! Sometimes we have to be the ones to advise clients.

Here are some resources that might help you convince the client: … und-music/ … lay-music/ … all-users/ … need-music 
There's a #10 which the last link hasn't mentioned - it could well be illegal!!! Unless your client owns the right to the song/music then they will probably be braking some copyright and they could get the record company suing them (that is normally enough in itself to persuade clients!).  If they really insist on it - I'd get it in the contract that they take full responsibility for any (possible) legal action resulting from them having the music...

and in answer to your actually question!!!!  Unless you use either a full 'flash' site or load the pages into a central iframe (another terrible idea!) there's no way of having consist music... see #2 of the last link.

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