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On the way home from work today I heard a segment on NPR about ChurchRater. The story highlighted a military wife, and her challenges in finding a church when moving from place to place.

I'm curious, have you heard of before? Have people come to your church because of what they read on I hadn't of it before, and our church isn't listed, yet. :-) Seems like ChurchRater is a better option than Yelp reviews.

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Re: Churchrater - website to find and review churches

I was interested in your question concerning this site;  so I clicked the link and viewed the site.  I have quite a few questions for them while not trying to sound arrogant;  but what qualifies them to reveal and rate church congregations?  I listened to their video about the burger king analogy.  I want to hear from the *LIVING* bread;  the *BREAD* of life.

It's hard for me to take anyone's word for something concerning the *WORD* of *GOD* without doing what the bible tells us to do;  and that is to prove all things!  To seek out our own salvation with fear and much trembling.  To seek ye first the kingdom of *GOD* and *HIS* righteousness and all these things shall be added  unto you!

We are responsible for studying the *WORD* of *GOD* for ourselves and I believe that it would be ill advised for us to go online like we are reading a survey for restaurants or something pertaining to the worldly mindset;  when we must think *SPIRITUALLY* and line our life up by the only standard and way we have of knowing that we are following *CHRIST* in the right way;  by reading *HIS* *WORD*.

In a time when the world is so full of false doctrines and doctrines that are full or fleshly enticements.  Things that tickle people's ears;  we must do as Paul said and walk circumspectly.

The only way that I believe we could feel good about following a site that rates congregations is if we walked side by side with these people and knew them well enough to know whether they are lining up congregations by the truth or by what feels good to them!

I hope that I did not sound  arrogant;  but I truly believe that the bible is our only guide and it will never lead us wrong when men may have good intentions;  they are still prone to make mistakes!
                                      As for me and my house;  we will serve the *LORD*!

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Re: Churchrater - website to find and review churches

There is something very wrong about that site.