Topic: My Christmas site is 10!

One of my longest running sites (and the one I've had most fun running) is now 10. It's a big Christmas information site at:

It's also been the site that I think the code has changed the most over the years!  When I think of how it was first coded, I cringe (frames, tables and plenty of <font> tags!) - but that was back in the days of NS4.

Now it's all html5 and css (using - thank you Nathan!) running on nginx and linode to cope with all the demand for it.

To celebrate I've also launched two new Christmas sites. A web app/mobile site about the Christmas story at:  and a Christmas Karaoke one at:

So for this thanksgiving, I'm thankful for the Christmas fun I've had over the years running my site.

James Cooper --  God loving, banjo playing, geek!

Re: My Christmas site is 10!

Congratulations, James! Hope it helps with the message again this year. (As Randy Stonehill once sang: "...Perhaps they'll think about the word, and see it spells HIS name"!)

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