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I'm looking for some general feedback and input on a new web app CURE is launching shortly called CUREkids. It's a program that is designed to support the fundraising goals of our communications department, to help tell the story of the children we treat, and to connect people in a personal, engaging way with the cause we are working toward.

In brief about CURE...

CURE is a Christian, nonprofit charitable organization that does medical work with children in developing countries. More specifically - we run 10 hospitals where we perform orthopedic surgery on children who have crippling and often life threatening disabilities. We have clubfoot clinics in a handful of other countries as well. The treatment and care we provide is free or extremely low cost to the majority if our patients.

About the unique communications challenge...

CURE is a young organization, only 12 years old. But CURE has a ridiculously impressive track record of our work and integrity. We've seen over a million patients in 12 years and performed over 70,000 surgeries. We've trained dozens of native doctors to go and reach more of their country. Financially, we've ranked among Charity Navigators very highest organizations with a four star rating for 8 years in a row (only 1% of organizations ranked by CN have this record). In fact, we were actually asked to take over two of the hospitals we now operate by the country governements.

But even with all the wonderful reputation that CURE has, we are still very much under the radar. Practically nobody has heard about us, and even our funding comes primarily from a small group of major donors (the average gift over the past 12 years is some rediculously high figure in the $5k+ range). But the real challenge is just that: we need to really grow our small donor base. Major donors, foundations, and grants are not a very sustainable base, wheras having a grassroots following of thousands of people who really feel connected with your ogranization is. Just ask Compassion, World Vision, Charity:Water, Invisible Children, and others.

So this is really where the unique challenge we face is. How do we grow our donor base. And it was decided a year or two ago that CURE needed to pursue a sponsorship model of fundraising. Since we have a much shorter touch time with our children than organizations like Compassion or World Vision, that presents some unique challenges and opportunities. One of the unique opportunities is it appeals to people who may not get involved with longer timer commitments. But also challenging because how do you raise money for somebody who you're going to have already healed in 6 weeks?

The answer...

Somebody had a really great idea to use social media and build a web app to tell the story of these kids. That's when CURE hired me last fall, and that somebody who had the idea (who is now my boss, also Joel). He and I have spent the past year redesigning CURE's website in preparation for this app (the old site was a terrible nitemare hosted on a pretty bloated CMS for nonprofits...and was all table based). We rebuilt everything on Wordpress, and Joel W wrote a custom plugin that is powering the CUREkids app.

The app is designed to let our audience come to our website and track with what's happening in real time in our hospitals. We're piloting it this fall with just our Malawi hospital. Patients who come into the hospital, or identified on a monthly mobile clinic, are entered into the CUREkids system with their personal details, their story, and photos. Then the in-hospital CK Coordinator regularly posts twitter-style updates about the child's progress all the way up until surgery, and after (usually about a 6 week storyline).

The app itself and interface...

There is a CUREkids landing page that a visitor will get when either they click "CUREkids" in the top level navigation or enter the site via a facebook ad, google ad or other promotion. The CK landing page will display a list of all the children currently in our system, along with a dashboard style toolbar at the top of the main content.

There is a SlideDeck slideshow built into the dash which tells the story of what CUREkids is, and it can be opened from any page within CUREkids. In fact, it will open by default at your first entry point to the site unless you have a cookie in your browser saying you've been there before.

Each child has their own individual view page, where users can view all of the child's details, story and photos and also track with their status updates on the journey to surgery. There is visual representation of the fundraising goal and how much has been raised, and calls to action, which is where users can donate, follow status updates (with their facebook account), and share on facebook, twitter, etc.

The rest of the app components are just things which are tertiary to the process of giving or tracking with a child.

Here's where I am really looking for the input from this community. I'd like to get some thoughts on the design of the app (and rest of the site if you like), the usability and functionality of the interface, and the overall flow of the concept. Also if you notice any bugs please share.

Here's the URL:

The app is about 95% ready. Everything should function properly (100%). The only thing I have left is to finish styling some components. We just pushed an update this morning.

Many thanks.

For Him,
Joel G

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Sorry - forgot to post with the URL. I just added it.

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JAG: I must say I really do like the design of the CURE site. However, when I go to the CUREkids list ( link you shared, I'm not sure what to do? There's nothing there.

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Re: Seeking feedback on CUREkids web app

However, when I go to the CUREkids list ( link you shared, I'm not sure what to do? There's nothing there.

Really? You don't see a screen like this?

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JAG: Now I'm seeing it. But I wasn't on the day I posted my initial response. Good job.

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FYI - the app is soft launching on this Monday, November 15th.

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Still really hoping to get some good feedback on this here....


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