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I am in the process of rebuilding our congregation's church site and have a question.  Is there a way (preferably code if you have it) to link a text editor (open to suggestions on open source editors as well) to the text (body content) of only one page on my site?  And then just have one log-in (admin) pop-up window for the particular user;  to use for that one page without going in the way of a cms altogether?  I need the page to where the user can write commentaries without him knowing any web site code.

I'm open to any suggestions and " thank you in advance " !
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Re: A text editor and code for one page

I don't know how to do what you are talking about, but something like Perch or Unify might do the trick. Both a pretty cheap, and easy to setup. I've not actually used Unify, but Perch is great for simple sites.

Re: A text editor and code for one page

Thank you for your suggestions!  Unfortunately I do not believe that this will work in my case!  They look very promising and I will probably be able to use them for something else sooner or later!

The problem is that we have someone who is not too computer savy and I do not want to turn them lose with anymore of the web site's control than what they need!   I'm looking to create a log-in of some sort especially designated for them only and directed to the text area of their page only!

I would have something like  directed only at the body content of their page if possible!  I have a feeling that php will do it with a pop-up text editor;  but I can not figure out where to start!

Any and all suggestions will be very helpful in this case!  Thank you and have a great day!

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Re: A text editor and code for one page

No, I'm pretty sure there's NO way to integrate a desktop program as your live web editor. There's certainly no off-the-shelf solution for what you need. The closest thing would be a desktop widget that's tied directly into a unique account, like the MSN Live products that allow you to update your blog from your desktop. There's no available solution that would work with "any" website, like a CMS.

There are some new jquery editors out there that you might google...I hear good things about them!

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Re: A text editor and code for one page

I must not be explaining myself correctly!  I am not looking to have an on desktop editor.  I'm looking for an editor that can reside on the server itself and target the body content (text) only;

and only on one of the web pages with no way of disturbing the content on the rest of the site's pages!  And that editor should be visible only to the person who keeps up that one page through a login user admin panel that would reside also on the unix server!

No database included.  Just php scripts- includes and maybe jscript as well!  The editor would only appear to the person who types his web page with something like that would cause it to pop-up and then he would have to enter his password and user name first!

The only thing the public would see would be the web page and nothing else!  The user who keeps up the page would only have to type in their commentary each week with no knowledge of html at all!

Is this possible?  And if so;  how?  Thank you once again in advance!
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Re: A text editor and code for one page

I'm sure that perch or unify will do what you want - you just have to set the 'user' account properly.

If you don't want to install things on the server, then look at:  You just add class="cushycms" to any area you want to be able to edit - you can even have multiple areas on a page.  (It uses ftp to update things.)  Really simple and free.  I've used it with the odd client who wanted minimal updating facilities.

With cushy the user (editor) gets a simple box with the text in and only very basic controls (like bold/italic).  The user can't get in or change anything else.  (You are the 'designer' and create an 'editor' account for them.)

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