Topic: CMS Recommendations?

We're about to do a redesign for our site and I've been tasked with finding an appropriate CMS to back it.

Here's a couple things I'm looking for:

1. Ability to code in php right in the template (this is a make or break as we have forms passing data forward through variables, etc).
2. Good static page support (most of our pages will be static) with the ability to handle a flexible amount of template variations.
3. A "would be nice" feature would be "include" templates (like ExpressionEngine's embed templates).

The blog section will probably run off of Wordpress like it is currently (for now). I'm currently thinking the best solution is EE+WP for the blog. EE's a little overkill for what we need, but WP alone doesn't seem to have the page per page flexibility that we currently need.

The big sell with WP is the ability to integrate member lists with our CRM/eCommerce solution (Infusionsoft). I currently have not found anything like this with EE, but I'm open to ideas.

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Re: CMS Recommendations?

My sense is that Wolf CMS (a Radiant descendent) ticks all your boxes. The one "weakness" (?at the moment) for you is that roles/permissions give you only a basic set, but I'm not clear on the nature of the CRM integration you're after. There are plugins for members, openid support, etc.

Probably worth a quick look, anyway. Any questions just pose them on the forum over there. Hope that helps! smile

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Re: CMS Recommendations?

You can do plenty of customisation with page templates in wordpress. What kind of flexibility do you need in the pages?

My Church site: is all in wp with many a custom template.  Custom fields can do some pretty flexible things in page templates and this plugin looks interesting: … templates/

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