Topic: Need video service recommendations

I've got a client that has a number of training videos. They're currently hosting with one provider, but are looking to move for various reasons. Here are their key requirements:

* Need ability to restrict access to videos to Web site members only. (i.e., need to password-protect videos)
* Need to be able to purchase additional storage (in excess of 1GB).
* Do not want Web site users to have to register for a different service. (i.e., don't want their users to have to become a member of a third-party service to view the videos)
* Need to be able to track who is watching which video and when. (e.g., historical data such as # of videos watched in the past week)

Their current provider deletes videos that are older than a year, as well as any analytics associated with the videos. They want something even longer term than that.

Any ideas?

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Re: Need video service recommendations

vimeo meets all those needs. Their PLUS account has amazing stats above and beyond what is offered with a standard membership.

I can;t recall offhand exactly how they do password protected video's, but I thought it handled it straight in the embed.. but maybe not.

Either way, you can create channel for the videos which allows you to style the page that lists all teh videos. That way it doesn't look like a regular personal account but a little more professional

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