Topic: Menu Issues

Trying to follow the book... but I can't get an additional page to come up.

If you click the "Admissions" page that is where I am trying to work on at the moment. I am trying to get some pages up then come back and tweak the little stuff. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong?

<div id="main_nav"> 
<div id="Admissions_menu"><a href="index.php/school/admissions/">Admissions</a></div> 
<div id="Academics_menu"><a href="#">Academics</a></div> 
<div id="Athletics_menu"><a href="#">Athletics</a></div> 
<div id="CampusLife_menu"><a href="#">Campus Life</a></div>		
<div id="Alumni_menu"><a href="#">Alumni &amp; Friends</a></div>

My template group is called "school" and the template is called admissions, I thought this was right?

Re: Menu Issues

Got my answer here -