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Hey you all!  I think it's been over a year since I've been here, but I wanted to pop in and show you a site I made for my church.

I'm a pastor now of a small church in a small town.  They had a website before I came, but a few people saw my website portfolio and gave me full permission to redesign it and make it more useful.  So I did!  It's been up for awhile, but I never got any critique on it from professionals such as you all, so please let me know if there is anything I need to fix.

Grace Baptist Church

While I'm at it, I'd like to show a video I just made, too.  I know this isn't really a video forum, but I just finished it and I'm proud of it (even though the audio and video quality aren't great at all).  I wrote the script and had a couple church members act out the parts.  I made it for a sermon series I'm doing on evangelism.  Anyway, here it is, too.

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Hi Chris I like the site, it's clean and all pertinent info a church goer/ new member is looking for is easy to find.  One thing I did see, was a small typo on the About Us page..

"Chris is internet suave so you can find him on Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, read his family’s blog at, and his pastoral blog at" 

I think you meant savy and not suave, as in Rico suave, not to say you couldn't be..haha, but I'm just sayin'  smile


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Lol, I'll change it, thanks.

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I actually like the design of the site quite a bit. The custom favicon looks really nice! At first I didn’t think the dirt background fit with the overall theme of the site but than I realized the idea was growing roots and it made much more sense.

I like that you put a Location map on the home page. You always want to make it easy for potential visitors to find where you’re located. To make it even easier, it would be good if users could click the address under the Contact Info section of the footer to go to a map page.

The main image on the home page doesn’t show anything if JavaScript is disabled. It would be better if it falls back to just one of the images in the slideshow for users who have JavaScript disabled (yes, I surf with JavaScript disabled by default and selectively enable it via the NoScript plugin for sites I frequent).

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Thanks for the note about the slideshow.  I think I had done that when I first set it up, but apparently when I updated the wordpress plugin, it wrote over that modification.

I'll make the address clickable.  Thanks for the tip!

I can't take too much credit for the design, it was based on a template (which I credit below the footer).  Actually, though, I completely remade the template (code, images, and all), except for the footer image of the dirt.  I thought about changing that image, and still might.  Not sure.