Topic: Web Applications Developer // Dallas, TX

This candidate will be capable of jumping in on backend feature development and bug fixes on our e-commerce application(s). Those applications include,, and a couple of "small" e-commerce apps. Our development platform is object-oriented ColdFusion with an MVC framework and SQL Server for the database engine. Although prior experience with ColdFusion is not necessary for this position, enterprise application development experience is required. This candidate may be a Rails, PHP, or .NET developer, or may even lack Web-specific experience, provided that his or her design skills, OO problem solving, and SQL skills (not the DBA kind, just the dev kind) are excellent. A good candidate will already have an excellent grasp on design patterns such as MVC.

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Working for RT Creative Group

At RT Creative Group we have a relaxed environment that includes freedom to experiment with new technologies as we develop a long-term strategy for our business on the Web. Salaries are competitive and commensurate with experience. Salary packages include 401(k), 100% employer-paid medical and dental insurance benefits, paid vacation and sick leave, covered parking, and annual salary reviews.

-- Dan