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I'm trying to build a web app (my first one) as a personal project. I have a pretty good idea of how to create the front-end interaction with JavaScript, but how does it store the information from the front-end? I'm looking at an app like that at and saw there job postings are looking for experience with "SQL (particularly Oracle)".

Does anyone know a good resource for a beginner to get started with that?

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SQL is "Structured Query Language" – a syntax by which (web) applications can store and retrieve data.

Oracle is a flavor of database that uses SQL to communicate with server-side technologies (ala PHP) most commonly paired with Java (not to be confused with JavaScript).

Most open source PHP apps (WordPress, Drupal, Textpattern, PunBB - you're looking at it now, via this forum) work with MySQL, a free SQL database – though the parent company MySQL AB was acquired by Sun (makers of Java) which was recently bought by Oracle.

In addition to MySQL, there is another popular free one called PostgreSQL, which some consider to be one of the last truly "free" database options, now that MySQL has fallen into the clutches of Oracle.

Aside from Oracle, there is also MS SQL, Microsoft's retail database flavor.

As far as working with PHP and MySQL (a good bet for doing projects on-the-cheap), I can recommend several good books. I mean, you could go the Oracle route, but you'll be paying a lot of overhead in licensing costs and server setup, whereas PHP and MySQL are available with just about every hosting company.


I've read this one:

Beginning PHP and MySQL

Book reviews here:

1st Edition

2nd Edition


I am currently reading "Head-First Java" and loving it.

Here's a PHP book in the same series:

Head-First PHP & MySQL


I haven't read these, but have heard they're good:

PHP and MySQL Web Development

Learning PHP, MySQL, and JavaScript

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You might also give the books over at SitePoint a try, I've found they're a bit easier to grasp as well as being less all "great wall of text". wink

What's nice is they have the option of being purchased as a PDF either solo or in combination with a book.

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