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Hey guys,

I wanted some comments and critique on a business card I just made for myself. This is the first time I have ever made a business card, so if I made a simple mistake, don't hurt me! Any and all comments are appreciated!

Front Side
Back Side

Re: Business Card

Looks good.

I'd suggest you stick to either Horizontal or Vertical on both sides, not one on each. It just makes it a tiny bit more effort when someone turns it over to view your details to tilt it sideways..

I know it's small, but it's little things like this that have the smallest of impressions.

I like the colour; red. It's nice and bright and the font is good if that's the approach you're aiming for.

Keep it up smile

Re: Business Card

The font matches my website. I can sorta see what your saying, but I wanted the logo to be real prominent on the front side. Maybe I should just do one side? I feel like there is a lot of space on the contact(back) side of the card. Any ideas?