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Hello all!!!
     I am very glad to have you all to pray for and in my times of need to be able to request prayer from you all as well!  I'm struggling with quite a few health issues from old health related problems!  I'm usually very upbeat and would rather help others by praying for them and giving *GOD*ly counsel from the scriptures when i feel it will encourage them and help their situations;  but over the years i have been to numerous Doctors and all tell me that my situation is not the best to take another chance on back surgery!

I live in pain every day while trying to stay active at least by learning things like web-design and graphics design etc.   I read books and i talk to you all and others!   I have a 12 yr old son that is every thing to me - (*GOD* first of course)!   But i find myself fighting in a *SPIRITURAL* sense to keep his mother's bad influences -(we are no longer together) - and the normal worldly influences from causing him to slip and think that he can be part of those practices as he is a *CHRIST*ian;  and because me being a *CHRIST*ian Dad;  I belief that i must guide him in the way of thus saith the *LORD*!

My problems are getting worse; and i find myself fighting just to take care of the normal household chores such as a simple things like folding clothes,  washing dishes not to speak of all the other various things needful to function to get through this life!  My mind gets completely wore out to the point that everything gets on my nerves and i lash out at times due to pain!

I love my son deeply and he is definately a blessing from *GOD* to me considering that by all rights;   the cancer treatments usually take that ability to produce away from you!  I feel so guilty that i cannot do all the dad and son types of things during his most influencial years!   The surgery options are not good and i will always have the after effects of the chemo and radiation treatments to deal with as well that i went through them in 1985!

Monetarily i'm hurting to (as i'm sure most are now) because i have no options of making extra money (health related) and i feel the stress not only from the agonizing pain;  but from paying my bills month to month as i'm from check to check!  I know that all things work for the good to those who love the *LORD* and i hang on to these types of scriptural anchors!  If not for the *WORD* of *GOD*;  i would have no hope at all!  As i know that applies to everyone;  not just me!

I'm sorry for all the digressing but i needed a sounding board and I definately need your prayers!  All will be and are appreciated!  Thank you so much for this forum!!!
                                          As for me and my house;  we will serve the *LORD*!

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Re: Bad Back and Cancer side effects

I'm sorry for hearing your situation and will definitely include you and family in my prayer list.  I hope you will involve your son more in your daily house chores as well as your decisions on family, medical treatment etc.  He's old enough to share his feelings with you, too.  I don't mean to load him with your emotional burdens, just that let him have an opportunity to contribute.  I also have a teenage daughter who has not yet fully committed to act upon God's Word.  So I understand it's very hard to care for your teenage boy while you're being a single parent.

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