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I've been mocking up some ideas for a new design where I work, and one of the ideas was to have the masthead and main navigation be always fixed to the top of the window (similar to what I've done with the menu on my jQuery plugins site at The way I figure it, that will keep our logo, sign in/out links, and search (extremely important to our site) ever-present to the user.

Everyone I've shown this to thinks it would be a neat feature to implement, but I was asked to find some examples of other sites on the Web using something similar to this. So, I wanted to reach out and see if anyone had any good examples. I realize that most examples will probably be blogs, portfolios, etc. and while I am cool with that, those who requested this will probably want to see "bigger" sites. Personally, I say "why do we need a precedent? let's do something different!" If anyone can post some links if they find any examples, I would be most appreciative.

Thanks a bunch!

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here is a site that does it on the side:

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Careful with fixed positions. The example shown above would break if the browser window is opened enough (mobile phones) - you can't scroll to click on menu items.

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ewe papyrus...  lol