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Hi there

I've been working on our new church website design for a long time now and my eyes are starting to bleed with disappointment. I would appreciate it if someone could have a look and give me an honest opinion even though it isn't quite ready i.e this is the only page!

Meant to be launching in a couple of weeks and I'm getting cold feet on the design as to me it seems to be lacking something to make it special (it looks a little old fashioned to my eyes)

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Re: Honest opinions required

Well,the first thing I see is that the logo looks really grainy. I would try and get a better image for the logo.

Next thing I would say is "holy lot of text Batman!" While information is good, too much info can put the user off and just make the user want to leave the site. I don't think you need the 3 columns about the Children's and Youth Ministry.

The picture rotator needs a transition in between the pictures! Also, I would think about using that picture rotator for more than just the pictures, such as links to the Youth & Children's Ministry pages.

I like the idea for the flickr photostream. I think that you could get away with doing just 1 twitter feed instead of 3.

The design needs to be just sorta reworked. I like what you have got in just sorta of a wireframe, but I would go back into photoshop, and just experiment with all the different effects and look around at other church's websites.

I think that's the some of the biggest things I would change! Hope it helps!

Re: Honest opinions required

(1) Spacing should be consistent; perhaps it is a problem with margin or padding.
(2) Font size is too small in certain sections, e.g. text below the children's picture.
(3) If you adopt 960 px for width instead of 760px, you may have more space for 3 columns
(4) Pictures will look better if they all lined up on the same level, ie leave consistent height to allow for longer headings
(5) Navigation texts will look better if they either more to the bottom or center as far as vertically alignment is concerned.

Good luck to the re-work. I'm not skilful in photoshop therefore no comments on the logo or graphics.

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