Topic: Recently re-designed blog.

I recently re-designed and re-launched my blog:

in July as a personal project to see what I can do without using Photoshop. I think it's one of my best designs and Wordpress themes. (Only designed two so far.) I started and finished it in five days.

Let me know what you guys think.

Some effects use CSS3 and it was built using the 960 grid system.

Re: Recently re-designed blog.

Looks nice. Very clean.

Re: Recently re-designed blog.

The site looks nice, but I prefer to have the images smaller (but not a thumbnail size) so that the visitor can grab more information in less scrolling and get a full size of it when clicking on the image.

Adrian, your graphics design work on the main site are fantastics.  Wish that I have 10% of your talents.  The blog site did catch my IE6 browser.  Read the blogs and hope that you've found some work by now.  God bless three of you.


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Re: Recently re-designed blog.

Thanks for the comments Monica. Hehe, good to see your ie6 got pwned!
I've been working hard the past few years, most of the work you saw on the site is all work from this year alone. People here will remember some of my old sites. Yuck! Lately I have been getting more involved with print as a personal project, and want to bring my design process there into web, so that I can create more stunning websites.