Topic: Javascript not receiving large echo return from PHP

Hi, everyone.  Thanks for allowing me into the group.  From what I was able to gather, there seems to be some really good talent around here.

Here's a pickle....

Is there a size limit for what php may echo back when called via

I am calling the php to return the contents of an xml file.  In the
main program, you pick a state.  Once picked, the state is stored in a
variable and passed to php, where php then opens the file, processes
the data and echo's it back.

If the file has only points - placemarks on a map - (usually not more than a few hundred), it
works like a charm.

If the file has polygons, these would be boundaries for legislative
districts.  There is a vast number of points.  It throws an error that
my xmlDoc (the responseXML) is null, and readystatechange never hits
4.  So, it just dies.

Now, if a kml has all these points and it is run directly in Google
Earth and not the API, it works just fine.

This makes me think either Javascript will not accept a large echo
back, or PHP is unable to echo back a large text.  FYI, it is trying
to echo back around 2.5 megs.

One of you brilliant programmers out there certainly knows an answer....


Re: Javascript not receiving large echo return from PHP

It turns out php's simplxmlload was finding junk after document element.  I looked and found none, so finally tried just ordinary filegetcontents, and it's okay.  Not a resolution that inspires knowledge and understanding, but at least it's not broken.