Topic: Another FF vs IE style issue

I'm at a loss.

On my church's home page, note the space between the two content columns and the footer. The HTML is very straight-forward, and the CSS is as well. In IE, the space is as I've coded it: 21px. In FF, it's about 3 times that size. Using Firebug in FF, I see that the extra space comes from #primary, the left-hand column. I don't understand why that is.

#primary {
    float: left;
    left: 27px;
    width: 580px; }

I have a robust reset in my stylesheet, by the way. It's almost as simple as it can be, but it's not acting in any kind of consistent way. Can anyone give me some insight? I doubt this is a bug, but I can't see ANYTHING that would cause this space to magically appear. Can you? Note that the spacing is correct on every other page.


Thanks, folks!

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Re: Another FF vs IE style issue

That extra space is coming from the #primary div, and I think it is because you are pulling the p up. I think that space is where the p is supposed to be in the normal flow, and when you are pulling it up with a negative top property, the space is staying there. I think you would be better of to make the image a background image on one of the div's, then position the p using margins.

Also, in Safari the text seems to be too large for the box. Let me know if you want a screenshot.

Really like the look though.