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Does anyone know of a web service that converts Word documents to PDF's. I'm redesigning my church website and I want our small groups pastor to be able to email a word document to a special secret email address and automagically convert it to a pdf  to make it available for download!?!

I've seen plenty of sites that let you upload a word document and then generate a PDF for you but ideally I'd want a service that will do it automatically.



Re: Converting word docs to PDF does all kinds of file conversions. It's not exactly what you're looking for, of course. I'm also aware of a PHP script that will do it on the might google that and install it on your own server.

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Re: Converting word docs to PDF

I like CutePDF.

It's not web-based, but is essentially a virtual printer emulator thing.

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Re: Converting word docs to PDF

Google docs?!

There are also a number of sites:

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