Topic: FaithfulNews - Digg for Christianity?

Hello fellow Godbitters!

I've recently (re)-launched a site called "FaithfulNews". I wanted to collect all the interesting and reliable Christian contents around the web and present them at a central place. I guess you can think of it as a Digg (or, for Christians.

It's a preliminary version at the moment and I am planning more features to be included in near future. But it would be GREAT to receive some critiques from fellow believers.

Thank you so much!


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Re: FaithfulNews - Digg for Christianity?

I want to support your efforts, but I have a problem with sites aiming their content towards Christians with objectionable material such as this: … ntent/3981

If it's an accident or spam, there needs to be some sort of screening process.

Daniel Marino |

Re: FaithfulNews - Digg for Christianity?

Hey Daniel,

You are right on. And since I'm processing various feeds and search queries around the web, it is a challenging task to ensure that every material contains only the "relevant" contents. Therefore, the screening process would be a vital part of the site.

At the same time, there is "report" button with which users can alert an objectionable contents. So I hope it goes both ways where the site does its best to ensure trustworthy contents, while the community also contributes toward the filtering.

Thanks for your ideas though! smile