Topic: PHP Benchmark/timer class

It was noted that the forums are kind of dead as of late due to everyone getting info from Twitter or RSS feeds. So in an effort to at least have some new ideas I figured I'd post a quick little class I threw together a few weeks ago that is really very basic but somewhat useful.

All it is, is a basic timer class that allows you to see how long something took to process. I saw a blog where someone was looking for one and couldn't find it so we tweaked some ideas we both had and this was the result.

Again.. super simple, but I figured some might need it and it would help get back into posting on these forums more. … mer-class/

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Re: PHP Benchmark/timer class

That's cool Ryan. Thanks for sharing. I know quite a number of PHP frameworks come with classes that can help with Benchmarking/Profiling but for those out there who aren't using one of those PHP frameworks, I know this can come in handy.

Keep up the good work.

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