Topic: I want to hide a .swf in my header after it plays 1 time

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In the top header area I have a slideshow with different images from the church, but before those show I want to play a 20 second video clip (.swf) of the church. I have the flash file working fine, my questions is how do I have the video play over the slideshow, and after it's finished playing 1 time it goes away so my slideshow plays?

Any Ideas?

Re: I want to hide a .swf in my header after it plays 1 time

I know flash can call an external javascript function, so my idea would be to make a JS function that either hides of deletes the flash video and shows the slideshow, and just call it at the end of the movie.

Here's the basic idea with jQuery:

function removeFlash(){

and in your actionscript, on the last frame of the video just put this:

getURL("javascript: removeFlash();")

On thing to keep in mind though is that if a user does not have flash installed, apparently they will never see the video OR the slideshow.