Topic: Background Image on the HTML element.

I have a BG image assigned to my HTML element with the following properties:

html { background:#FFFFFF url(../img/html_bg.png) repeat-x scroll center bottom; }

Basically it's like a border positioned at the bottom of the page, that acts like as footer background image. It works as expected in Firefox, but Safari and IE7 treat it the same way (the wrong way, at least for me). In IE and Safari the image does not rest on the bottom of the page.

Can you guys take a look and let me know if you see something that I'm missing?



Re: Background Image on the HTML element.

SOLUTION: I added a negative margin-top to my footer to get the footer text lined up directly on top of my background image on the HTML element, then I adjusted the position of div#bg, so that it would kiss the top of my footer.

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