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I recently took over a site that was originally coded in FrontPage with tables and spans all over the place. I took the essence of the design and converted the majority of the site so that it uses valid CSS and XHTML. The old site failed in some modern browsers but now the new design doesn't work in IE6.

I'm not a web developer but know enough to be dangerous. Can anyone point me towards some good tutorials to get the site to work in IE6 (preferably without using any hacks)? Alternatively, I'd love it if someone could look at the code and point me in the right direction.

You can view the site at

dmarino was kind enough to provide the following response:

dmarino wrote:

It looks like you're getting the dreaded IE6 Double Margin Float bug... If you put a margin on the same side as a float, IE6 double's the amount of the margin. Example - you have a div that is floated left and has a margin-left of 5px - IE6 will render it as 10px
Two options and I suggest the first:
1. Leave it alone, IE6 is a (slowly) dying browser. Unless the majority of your users use IE6, then don't worry about it - the content degrades gracefully.
2. Have a stylesheet specifically for IE6 that changes the changes the margins to padding - or you could just do this in the master stylesheet - that way you don't need to have multiple stylesheets.

To which I responded:

mithrill wrote:

Thanks so much! I'll look in to that. At first I thought it was the dreaded box model but that didn't quite seem like the right problem for IE6 in non-quirks mode.

However, I've switched just about everything floated left so that it uses padding rather than margins but I'm still not having much luck. Other ideas?

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I'm getting a 404 on the revised code.  One trick with the double float margin bug is to use display:inline; as well. It normally fixes it.

These are common ie6 bug fixes:  (you might the new tool they've got helpful as well)

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The link should work now. I had changed the file name during testing and forgot to leave a copy of the file named ie9. I'll look into using display:inline and also check out that link. Thanks so much for your help. I'm starting to feel the frustrations that all of you wise web developers have vented about with IE6. I wish 30% most of the site's readers didn't use an out-dated browser.

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The website now works in IE 6. I had a bug in the CSS for the menu navigation that caused the length of the div to be bigger than the container and IE 6 didn't know how to handle it.

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