Topic: Gracepoint Video

Hi guys,

Just joined Godbit and looking forward to get your feedback on a site that I've been working on. It's called Gracepoint Video and is located at

Now, the whole concept of this site is kind of different than other sites I've seen out there. It's the church video blog for my church--Gracepoint Fellowship Church--but we not only host official videos we've shown at our events, but also other informal videos our community has made for things like friends' weddings (usually poking fun at them) and as well as other videos such as YouTube and such. The purpose of this blog is (1) be an online repository of in-house videos at Gracepoint and (2) provide clean/wholesome/entertaining/intriguing videos from the web so people don't have to go to YouTube since there's a lot of inappropriate materials there and also can just be a big time-waster. Anyway, just want to get your thoughts on that and any suggestions and feedback for the site concept itself. I think there must be other Christian video blogs like that out there with a similar purpose, so if you know of some, I'd love to check it and learn and connect with them.

As for the design of the site, I used a theme that I thought would maximize the use of the visual real estate but including a thumbnail of videos arranged in a grid format, but I've heard some comments from friends that it's a bit overwhelming, so want to throw that out there to see what you guys think about that. There are some usability issues I have yet to fix (like the menus requiring users to hover over the down arrow, which is a bit small). Also just wanted to get your opinion about the list of old posts on the right (is it too busy?).

Anyway, wanted to share the site with you and looking forward to your critique. Thanks.