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I had lunch with the pastor today to talk about a class I want to teach at our church this summer/fall.

While we were catching up on work, family, etc he went off on a tangent about an idea he'd had for a web application. It was an intriguing idea so I figured I'd throw it out here and see what you guys think:

Worship Music Catalog:
The application will provide a catalog of worship music including titles, lyrics and chords. Sheet music would be desirable, but may come with onerous copyright requirements.
The application will support search of worship songs by title, keyword or tag.
Registered users of the application can tag songs with keywords they feel are relevant to a song.
Registered users can build and order/reorder, edit, etc 'set lists'. Lists of songs, in sequence, to be played during a set.
Set lists can be exported in Open Office Impress (slideshow) format with slides for each song including title/lyrics.
Reports will show frequency of song use globally or for a user's account
Reports will show dates of song use for a user's account

The software will facilitate the easy selection of songs by worship leaders, for a given 'theme'. The software will help worship leaders remember how recently/often a song has been used. The software will help the visual team by providing all song lyrics in presentation format, with a presentation ready for styling and touch-up pre-service.

Does anyone know of any such software that already exists?
Are there any problems with the copyright legality of storing song lyrics in a DB and distributing them in downloaded documents?
Any obvious features I left out?
Anyone sufficiently motivated that you'd want to build or collaborate on such a system?

Sounded like a useful tool and I can see the individual parts that would have to be built to make it work. It doesn' look all that difficult.

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Sounds like a great idea, but...

Does this do most of it already?!  But it doesn't have the words/sheet, I'm guessing due to copyright (see below!)  and there's also /, etc.)

Most projection packages also already have the 'what's been used' and 'theme' tags (I know they're offline, but...)

I think copyright would be a major headache if you want to store the words of songs/sheetmusic. (Having the words would prob be as much copyright wise as the full music... thus I can't see them on

I 'look after' the OpenSong version of the Songs of Fellowship books (used widely in the UK and some other countries): 

Under the CCLI/SoF copyright things, you need to have purchased a full copy of all the books to be allowed to have/project the words (as well as paying a projection license to the relevant people!!!).  Proving that people 'have a right' to the words is the headache making part! (unless you pay a no doubt huge distribution fee) 

The most simple way I could come up with was to ask people to give me the bible ref(s) that go with the songs in the book, thus proving they've got a copy of the book and so the cd with the words on - I'm then just supplying it in a different format - but they still had the 'right' in the first place. Does that make sense?!!??

I don't mean to rain on your parade my any means - it would be really useful - but I know that copyright in church can be a major pain!  It might also be worth having a look around:  and

I'd be very interested in what you find!

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Re: Application idea my pastor had

My company has developed a similar site for Chris Tomlin: - check it out. It's not everything that you want, but it's a lot.

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