Topic: Pre-Built EE Installs?

I have asked a similar question in the past but I was still curious....

Is it possible to have pre built weblogs and custom fields already built in to EE before the install. I know that there is already a "Default Weblog" out of the box, but could I also add, "About", or "Contact" to save time since I have to add those to every site anyway?

I'm sure there is a way but not sure if it's even worth the hassle.

Any Ideas?

Re: Pre-Built EE Installs?

Build a site with the items that you want, then do a database backup of it.  Restore it into a new EE install.

Time-wise it'd probably be a wash though with having to change paths and all.

IIRC EE 2.0 will have some changes in the install process that might make this process easier.

Re: Pre-Built EE Installs?

What path's are involved. I would be doing a fresh install as far as domain goes, where exactly are the weblog files located?

Re: Pre-Built EE Installs?

I've tried something like this, but by accident. Basically I had to change domain names, so I figured i could just port over the DB.
Then you have to go in and find all the URL's and replace them with - very tedious and after a lot of time I still didn't do it right.  I just did a fresh install in the end.  A lot easier.

That's some good and exciting news about 2.0 - can't wait!

Re: Pre-Built EE Installs?

There's a new module, Deeploy helper, that gives you one panel to update all major (core) EE paths. It's invaluable.
I've done exactly as Mike said, and have a core install.

But since I change it so often, I'm leaning toward having the addons in place, but not installed unless I need them.