Topic: Scripts not loading in Firefox?

This site seems to be working fine in Safari, but for some reason none of my scripts are loading in Firefox!

The HTML is valid, the files exist and I haven't changed anything. I opened up the Net tab in Firebug and it doesn't even show my scripts as even being called.

Any advice?

Re: Scripts not loading in Firefox?

Hey Chris,
Works fine for me in FF 3.0.8 Mac -- other than that it's loading Mootools. wink Have you disabled JavaScript in FF, maybe through the web developer toolbar or something?

Re: Scripts not loading in Firefox?

Wow, very strange I actually did have javascript disabled in Firefox. What in the world?  Thanks for the tip - don't know why that never occurred to me!

Nevermind I guess. The client was saying that the images weren't being rotated (once you click on a section).

I just tried it In XP with IE6 and it works fine, and I also booted up my Windows 7 beta and it's breaking in IE8 - which I suspect the client is using.

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