Topic: Feed MySQL table with HTML form content

I've been given 2 surveys for guests (1st time and 2nd time) and I'm creating two different forms for each survey that can be accessed from our website. I then need to send those results to an excel-like spreadsheet.

It seems like the way to go is create a MySQL table and feed the results in using a PHP script.

Does anyone have any recommendations on where I could start with that, or what I should looking for? The site is powerew by ExpressionEngine if that makes any difference.

Re: Feed MySQL table with HTML form content

you can do this with php, but I don't know of a ready-made script off hand... you might start with or google php mysql tutorial...

also... google spreadsheets can now create a public form (which doesn't look half bad) and when the users submit it stores it in a google spreadsheet which can be exported in a variety of formats

Daniel Marino |

Re: Feed MySQL table with HTML form content

Thanks Dan! I went with the Google route and it did exactly what I needed it too.

I appreciate your help. You rock!