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Hey guys, I have a close, Christian, friend who has made his mind up to divorce his wife. He's been separated from her for a couple weeks now, and said he had zero emotional attachment to her. I ask that you would pray for him and his wife that they would decide to not get divorced. I also ask that you would pray for me because I'm having a hard time figuring out how to deal with this. I and a couple of my friends didn't really endorse our friend getting married to this woman in the first place (she's a Christian too, but we just didn't see it working), and now that it appears he's going through with a divorce, I'm struggling with my feelings. I know that God hates divorce, and that the results of his choice will affect him, his wife, people watching, and many more people than he or I may realize, but I still have a small part of me (Satan, perhaps) that feels like he would be better off.

Anyway, this situation could use some prayer. I appreciate it!

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Continuing to pray for your friend and his wife.

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Will pray, and this is also going on with a guy who attends my Men's group bible study.

My only other recommendation is to realize that "love" is a verb, in addition to a feeling.
If you're not "feeling" the love, "do" love for a while.

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on my list.  Perhaps recommend he rent and watch the movie Fireproof.

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Thanks for the prayers guys. Haven't really had any updates on this, but I like that description of love, Michael.

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I also recommend Fireproof.  Hate to see people getting divorce.  I was once divorced (before I became Christian) and it was so bad because it affected not just two of us but the only child we had.

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bccarlso,  I hate divorce as well;  even though i was put in a scriptural position of having to do so about 4 yrs ago!  *GOD*s ways of doing things are the only right ways!  I will pray and i hope that if divorce does have to take place;  that it will be a scripturally correct divorce!  I fear divorce any other way for anyone and in a scriptural divorce;  i also fear for the offending partner as well!  Hopefully this is and was not the case and that they may reconcile with each other!
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