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My wife is now 3 monnths pregnant going on 3 and a half, and it has been an amazing journey. The hardest part of that journey has been me and not having a job. I have been working fulltime freelance, because by the grace of God I have been getting plenty of freelance work to provide for my family in our current situation. The thing about it is that we live in a house and we seriously cannot fit a crib of any size for our baby, the only space is in our living room, but there is no way we are leaving out baby in there. Yesterday we found a two bedroom apartment that is twice as big and an at an incredibly great price, but I don't have a steady a job. Which is something they look at. And because of the increased price in rent I would have to make up for that.

As you guys know jobs are a dime a dozen nowadays so it's a tough thing to deal with. Now the move won't be til about August because we still are in a 12 month lease with our one bedroom apt we have now.

So I guess you guys know what to pray for. Thanks ahead of time.

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Congrats, that's really exciting news. Will be praying for you on the job front. It is great to hear that things are going well with the freelancing. I was in a similar situation when we were pregnant with our second, and it is amazing how it all works out.

With all of our kids we've had the baby in our room for the first ~6 months in a small cradle, because like you we didn't ever have a spare bedroom. So doing something like that may buy you some time.

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When our little girl was born, we had only 1 bedroom apartment (housing isn't cheap in CA) and she slept in our room for the first 7 months until we were able to buy a house.

I'd imagine that for the first few months, you'd want to have the baby in your room, at least we did. You have to feed every 2 hours, and it makes it so much easier to have the baby next to your bed in a bassinet.

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Thanks for the prayers. I totally agree on having the baby in our room. In which we will, but when I say there is no room, I completely mean no room. Our apt is only 560 sq ft our bed takes up 90% of the room, and with the dressers and everything else. there is hardly any walking space, in which I don't think it's safe for the baby. When we saw this new apartment the bedrooms are way bigger than expected and you could fit a king size bed and probably three cribs...that's why we are hoping for it.

Thanks for the prayers guys.