Topic: need trust worthy des/dev for freelance work.

My name is Luke Broadhurst, I am a christian and Previousley worked for a web-site/software company but due to poor decisions being made above me the production capacity of the company suffered greatly from sabotage, blackmail and incompetance. It was a small company but as a result i have decided to step out, however i am aware that there is over £100,000 of work over around 80 different jobs. At the moment it is being managed by one man this leaves the level of service from the clients point of view as abismal. I would like to find honest christian freelancers that may be able to work with me on clearing this backlog of work and setting up my own production cell. Skill is not as important to me as loyalty, honesty and perseverence. If i could aquire contact with several talented dev/des who can be available for work then I can approach my former employer for projects.

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Re: need trust worthy des/dev for freelance work.

Hey Luke!  I'm a designer who's trying to learn some coding recently.  I work full time as a web designer doing email/website designs.  I am getting married in October and have come to the realization that money is getting really tight and will be for some time.  I need a second source of income and need to take on any opportunities I can get.  That said, I am very interested in this opportunity to work on some more projects and get a little more breathing room in my finances.  You can check out my site to see what level of talent I have (  Shoot me an email too at mjedesign at!

Looking forward to hearing from you.  Thanks!

Re: need trust worthy des/dev for freelance work.

Hi Luke, I'm very interested in working with you. Please contact me and let me know more details, pay, time, etc.


Re: need trust worthy des/dev for freelance work.

Greetings Luke,

I've wondered for a while now why things turned out the way they did with the business I was with, now I have all this free time and nothing to do.  Looks like I'll have plenty of time to help out.  I've done a wide array of different projects; my current site is with the new 'non-flash' version currently under development at  I've done carts, flash, design, info, blogs, cms, . . . let me know how I can help!

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