Topic: Coda Slide 1.1

I am a brilliant copy and paste javascripter : )

When it comes to actually editing javascripts I am clueless, so I am hoping that someone out there can help me. I am using the Coda Slider 1.1 ( I know there is a newer version "glider" but this seemed to be easier for me)

you can see my site here:

My issue is the nav tabs that get created automatically each time a panel is created( it pushed my content down). I have my own navigation that I have created, and it is working fine I just want to get rid of there "panel" buttons, and the "left" and "right" links. I tried to just do a text-indent in my css but that doesn't fix the spacing issue.

Here is the javascript file: … r.1.1.1.js

Any ideas?

Re: Coda Slide 1.1

Nevermind I found my answer, I'll post the link in case anyone else ever has the  same questions or anything close.