Topic: Fixed Sidebar issue

I am working on a site for a band. It is 1 page that will scroll as far down as needed with the nav linked to the "divs" I would like for the sidebar to stay fixed so that no matter where the page is scrolled the links are always visible.

All of my code validates but according to my pages are all screwed in IE 6 & 7 and PC Firefox. I have a "position:fixed" on my div.contentleft

here is the page look it over and let me know:

Everything looks good in Safari and Firefox on mac.

Re: Fixed Sidebar issue

Well, IE6 doesn't support position:fixed - how fun is that?  Everything else does and should work fine.  I messed around with firebug in Firefox and this makes it look fine:

.contentleft {
.contentright {

Notice I don't need the floats anymore.

I don't have IE7 in front of me to test, but I have a feeling that should work - can anyone verify this?

As for IE6, I say just leave it alone and make it positioned normally.  There's ways to hack it together with jQuery so that whenever you scroll it sets the position to be at the top of the browser window. That can get really intense though and may not be worth it. I'd recommend you just make an IE6 stylesheet and position everything normally.

Also, great song choice (I love Snow Patrol!) - but it sounds really messed up - like when you slow down a record or something.  Not sure if it's just a bad MP3 or what.

Site looks really cool by the way, really loving the background pattern and how the yellow ribbon titles wrap around the content!

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