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I've recently designed a Business Card for my father-in-law, but I don't have any experience printing them. Does anyone have any recommendations or things I should consider?

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What I always try and do is print it out on paper at home so it's the same size.  It won't be as high quality as a real card, but if you can read the text fine here then you should be set.

Beware of some printing companies if you decide to use rounded corners.  I've seen some where you can see the cut where the corner was removed, thus not making it a smooth corner.

I've used before and they're awesome.  I believe they have a free sample pack they can mail you just so you can get an idea of what all they can do.  If you want rounded corners, these guys do it right, it's perfectly smooth.  They also have "silkcards" which are very unique, the cards just have a silky texture I've never seen on a card before - it's worth it.

Re: Business Card Printing

If the ink is going to run off the sides of the card (it's technical term is a "bleed") make sure you design the card with an extra 1/8" on the sides that the ink will bleed - this will make the company printing your cards happy!

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