Topic: Church Website Template Does Not Work in IE6

Hello, I am somewhat experienced in XHTML and CSS, and was asked to redesign our church website:  I did not create the current site, but have made a minor update here and there (I know it is not a good site).

Any who, I thought it would be best to go the template route for the new site, since I am limited with time and knowledge.  We also don't have a budget, since the church is relatively small 40-50 members.  My pastor really liked the template from, and it looked OK to me, but I could not check out the code until after we purchased the template.  After seeing the code, it was HTML 4.0 transitional, and it looks funky in IE6, but IE7, Firefox and Safari seem to display the OK.

Now, I don't really know what to do to fix it for IE6, can anyone help or steer me in the right direction?

You can see the site by visiting:

This is the actual new site, we just made some small modifications in the menu/navigation on the homepage.

I appreciate any and all help!!!

God bless,

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