Topic: Beta testers needed for accessible e-learning system

Barrier Break Technologies is seeking users with disabilities to test their new e-learning system, BarrierBreak Course Authoring Tool (BCAT).  BCAT allows teachers to create accessible Flash-based e-learning courses, and has built in keyboard and screen reader support.

Here are the details:

BCAT comprises of two main components, Course Authoring Tool based on Moodle Learning Management System and Flash Architecture to access the course contents. In addition, the teacher/author can add various accessibility options to the course such as: Alternate Text, Captions, and Transcripts.

Once the course is published, the contents are generated in to XML and users can access the course using a Flash player. The Flash course thus created provides users with an “Accessibility Panel"  to meet their needs:
* Show/Hide Captions
* Audio Transcript
* Change Themes
* Small/Large Icons
* Show/Hide Labels
* Text Size

We invite users with disabilities, teachers/authors, accessibility community at large to access BCAT and provide their valuable feedback and suggestions to make BCAT a tool for inclusive education.

To access Beta version of BCAT, visit:

Once you sign up, you will receive an email including further instructions. Along with the email, you will receive a ReadMe file, documentation for creating a course, documentation for using the course and bug report file.

The Beta Test Run is open until 20th January 2009. All suggestions are highly appreciated and will help us to make BCAT more user-friendly and accessible for all.

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