Topic: Resurrecting Plaid again

Okay this project of mine has been around for over two years and in the last quarter, I've been regularly asked about its status and when ministries could start using it. I think the economic down turn is leading ministries to explore more affordable alternatives than standard Church management software.

You can see my HTML mockups of this app

I am looking for a PHP developer (or Rails). I would like to use CodeIgniter PHP framework to build this (not a requirement). This is a bootstrapped project so there is no upfront money and I offer only my full support. I am considering making this a Kingdom project relying on donations rather than a subscription business model that I've previously pursued.

It is a worthy project for anyone looking to pimp their resume.

You can see my other work here,

You can reply here, email me at tim.bednar at or call 612-205-8121.

Re: Resurrecting Plaid again

I'm interested in hearing more about it. Sent you an email.